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We do understand (as mr. office informed us) that our website may be too daunting for the average visitor to navigate, and yes, we regret that fact. (You see, the friend who initially designed it had no idea how extensive it would one day become... and neither did we.) But to fundamentally redesign it seemed too much of a task for semi-Luddites as we are. Especially since Kai resigned as our webmaster, we've experienced technical as well as time-related difficulties at just barely keeping up with it all. However, taking Marshall Roberts of the Southern Scythe Squad up on his offer to help with the re-design, we are presently working on just that!
Interim, to aid the navigating of this 'user-unfriendly' websites' hundreds of pages we've come up with this:

The following groupings of suggested links are meant to point our readers to the most pertinent material.

1. Considering a scythe but feel as yet unconvinced of its merit:
  • Four Arguments for the Elimination of Lawnmowers
  • Video: Mowing a lawn
  • Video: Trimming grass with a scythe
  • Video: A Good Scythe at Work
  • Video: The End of Cheap Oil and Rise of the Scythe

  • 2. Ready to buy one, though still need guidance in selection:
  • The Scythe Buyers' "Guide"
  • Blade Selection
  • What in the World is a "Grass Blade"?

    3. Already own one, but having difficulty 'making it dance':
  • Basic Scythe Troubleshooting
  • Snath and Blade Fitting
  • Improving Snath Ergonomics

    4. Considering making a snath:
  • An Ergonomic Snath
  • A Discussion on Snath Design
  • Wildwood snaths - A photo gallery
  • Improving Snath Ergonomics
  • Making Your Own Snath
  • The "Oregon Snath" by Steve Leppold
  • ScytheConnected blog run by Steve Leppold

  • 5. Contemplating:
    a) teaching instructional courses:
  • Scythe-related Terminology
  • The Blade-Fitting Challenge
  • Basic Scythe Troubleshooting
  • Improving Snath Ergonomics
  • Preparing a New Blade
  • Blade Peening with Hammer and Anvil
  • Video: The End of Cheap Oil and Rise of the Scythe
  • b) informing others (in person or by way of written articles)
  • Scythe-related Terminology
  • Of Tender Frogs and Cheap Scythe Blades
  • Will Europe's Scythe Industry Evade the Reaper's Deadly Swing?
  • The Blade-Fitting Challenge

    6. Interested in other 'Essential' tools:
  • A groundbreaking tool for the "world made by hand"
  • Video: From Lawns to Gardens
  • The Scythe-Made Garden
  • Small Farmers as the Ark
  • Home Scale Grain Culture
  • The Essential Tools and Skills Network
  • ScytheConnected
  • AxeConnected

  • Site Contents

  • The Mower's Artwork
  • Scythe versus Weed-Whacker
  • The Scythe and the Lawn Culture
  • Biodiversity and the Scythe

  • Mission Statement

    Literature and Poetry

    Handcrafted Hay - Various Systems of Haymaking:

  • A groundbreaking tool for the "world made by hand"

  • Care of Tools

  • A Tool Better than the Scythe?!

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