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Mission Statement

"We must be the change
we wish to see in the world"

--Mahatma Gandhi

*29 November 2008 -- Our mandate stated below, in principle, still stands. However, it is now time to shift focus. READ MORE.

The Scythe Network's most apparent focus is the preservation of, and continued research in, the best use of the scythe. Equally important, we support and actively contribute to the implementation of the goals set by the "Earth Charter" as well as less well-known declarations such as "Caring for the Earth". However, the fine words spoken and written on behalf of Life will, for the most part, not manifest as reality until a phenomenon referred to as "Global Mind Change"--the antithesis of the present economic and cultural "globalization"-- gains significant momentum.

Therefore, underneath all our preoccupation with one fine hand tool is our commitment to helping bring about that change which will require more action than words.

This, in a nutshell, is our mission.

Although this website's content (over one thousand pages) is the single most comprehensive source we know of on all the varied aspects of the scythe's application, it is by no means a complete "piece of architecture". Rather, we are building a scaffold, so to speak, to which sections can readily be added--in fact must be added--by many others who feel moved to contribute to the process of creating a more "convivial" world.

Interim, portions of the Technical sections (as well as the scythe buyer's guide) are not congruent with some of the scythe-related information on the web or found in other printed form. We shall continue to question the quality of service, at times in a less-than-gentle manner. This is because we feel that the cage of complacency needs to be rattled (as it does in many more areas than just how the scythe is maintained and used). However, creative feedback is always welcome!

All in all, we hope that our constructive criticism is adequately balanced with the positive part of the picture!

Modified 29 Nov. 2008
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