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Kassala Welcome to ScytheConnection

jarringly ...a radical voice shaping the orthodoxy of scythe matters worldwide.

What sets us apart from the rest of the scythe-promoting crowd is that beside twenty years of advocacy and bidirectional consultation with the scythe-production industry, we have functioned also as the 'watchdog' on the scene. But, despite the occasional 'nip', we do provide attentive readers with more useful information on the maintenance and application of scythes than any other scythe-related website, period.

A Note to Myself

It is dawn. With scythe in hand, whetstone on hip, my bare feet marking a path through the verdant carpet, I humbly present myself to the dew-laden bouquet before me. A smile lights up my face as the joy in my heart sends a tingle through my being - deep gratitude for the gifts of creation.

Each new season lays at my feet many tasks which connect the country dweller with the Great Wheel of Life - caring for the newly born, preparing the soil, planting seeds... During the summer it is haymaking which deepens this awareness. The ring of stone on steel, the gentle swish as blade sweeps through grass, the rhythmic movement of body, breath following, flowing, mind at peace - meditation in motion.

Pausing to hone the blade, questions arise. Is this act contributing positively to the “Global Mind Change”? Does it express solidarity with peasants struggling to retain their lands and their way of life? Am I giving support to those who crafted the components of this tool? Am I helping to erode the dominance of those who want to keep us dependent and herded like some mindless flock? Does this tool help me caretake this holy piece of Earth and honour the interdependence of life?

In the cool morning air I hear a whispered “yes”... ah, meditation in action.

In my mind, so be it.

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