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We do our best to answer all the inquires we receive, but do not have the time to individually answer questions already addressed on this website. So before contacting us with technical queries, please read through the appropriate pages under “Practical guidance” in the “Resources” menu heading and this document.

Please note: E-mail correspondence is not always reliable. If we do not reply to an email you sent, there is always the chance that we did not receive it. Re-sending the email or leaving a message on our phone are the next options to try.

If contacting us via e-mail, please include your phone number.


Our phone is not in residence. You are welcome to leave a message, and we’ll do our best to get back to you shortly: 506-481-3030, or 506-481-3023 (this phone number doesn’t take messages, but missed calls are registered and we will return your call as soon as reasonably possible).

Our home address:

Vido Family
1636 Kintore Road
Lower Kintore, NB Canada
E7H 2L4


For US residents:

We have a Postal Box in Maine, but please note that we  http://cjni.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://cjni.com/app-tidude-attitude-tv-stations-can-boost-apps-value/blogimage/ do not check this mailbox regularly. Please notify us via e-mail before sending anything to this address.

26 North St., PMB 161
Presque Isle, ME

Please send questions or suggestions regarding this website to Ashley Vido at scythe@scytheconnection.com, or use the form below.


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