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Announcement: ScytheConnection just had a baby!!!

It’s an unusual baby, being both past term and not quite fully developed.  It seems the conditions it was growing in were not conducive to a smooth gestation and birthing a robust, healthy child.  The pregnancy was a lot more arduous than anyone would have expected, and there were a lot of false contractions.  Even once labour really started in earnest, it went on and on with seemingly no end in sight.  This baby was breech, and for a while there it was looking like the chances of it coming out were slim to none.  There was no surgeon available to do a caesarean, and not even an experienced midwife to be found.  But then, even as hope was waning, the darkness of Winter gave way to the warmth of Spring and the birthing finally began.

This baby……… it’s not a boy.  It’s not a girl either.  It’s a book, or rather the beginnings of one, still in the incubator and needing plenty of TLC.  Although the one who conceived this baby is in critical condition in the ICU, what mother would say it wasn’t worth the struggle to bring their baby into the world?  Of course it was worth it!

The Big Book of the Scythe, Part 1

With much gratitude to Steve Leppold, Charles Hays, Marshall Roberts, Sy Schotz and Alexander Vido for help and support during the birthing process. 😉


May 1st, 2018