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Scythe versus Weed-Whacker

Belize The Race
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At the  buy neurontin paypal 2nd Annual Maritime Hand Mowing Championships, 15-year-old Fairlight Vido walked away with top place in the open competition, but the buzz of the day was about her taking on – and beating – a gas powered trimmer. (See News Coverage.) 

The headlines and the press excerpts in this section are, of course the glamorous version of the event as reported by the media. We will, at some point, offer here an “insider” evaluation with pertinent technical details. In the meantime we welcome comments or reflections on the question we would like to pose: “How meaningful are similar competitions–those which compare the performance of a hand tool with that of a machine?”

The Results!

Strip mowed with the scythe.
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Strip mowed with the gas powered trimmer.
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