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Kintore Farm community page

Presently there are four of us on a 225 acre off-grid homestead, of which 3/5 is forested. It had not been farmed for over a decade, and was partially reclaimed by forest when we arrived, in 1980. Two of us have been here since then, one was born here, and the most recent member began visiting in 2013.
A family friend owns an adjoining 200 forested acres and a conventional house, both of which are available to the community.
This farm began as a diversified, organic, draft horse- powered farm, growing up to 20 acres of various grains per year and making loose hay out of another (partially pastured) 60 acres. Gradually our focus shifted in the direction of hand tools, and in 1998 we sold the last draft horses. Eventually, promoting the use of the scythe became our primary mission; farming activity was curtailed and livestock were significantly reduced.  The chainsaw and tractor came into use, as well as the telephone and computer. The scythe project is still a major focus, but in the past few years attention to the farm has been increasing. Presently we have a flock of sheep, a few goats, a couple cows, mammoth donkeys, chickens and honeybees.
The principles of permaculture and deep ecology, along with an array of similar philosophies, were and remain the foundation of our quest as how exactly to live so far as physical existence is concerned.
We believe that close coexistence, interdependence and trust are to be essential ingredients of conduct during the next stage of humanity’s journey. We are particularly inspired by the concept and practice of the Longo Mai communities, and have recently begun looking into becoming part of the Longo Mai cooperative.

For more information, see our listing on the Fellowship for Intentional Communities website.